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4 Tips to Market your Multi-Location business with SEO

SEO can change the way your business operates and gives it the visibility and boost it deserves. It is also a great way to not just be discovered on the web but also market yourself while gaining site traffic. However, when your business has more than one location, for instance, franchises in various locations, SEO works a little differently.

In order to get visibility and business from locals in your neighborhood, you must optimize what is known as local SEO that takes into consideration your local area. This allows customers searching for the services you sell, find you more easily. Listed below are a few tips to market your multi-location business using search engine optimization.

List your business in Local Directories – Listing your business in local directories will help customers looking for the services you offer, find you more quickly. A local business listing will give you greater visibility and help you rank higher in local searches. This is quick and simple. All you need to do is list your business name, phone number, address, website, and other details in popular online directories. Many of these directories allow you to list yourself on their site for free. Be sure to provide comprehensive and accurate information about your business across all the directories. When Google sees the same information in more than one directory, it will place more trust in your entity and make it rank higher in searches.

Collect Customer Reviews – There is no denying that customers trust reviews from other users over advertisements. Studies suggest that close to 70% buyers trust reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation, and 77% of online shoppers read up reviews to help them make a buying decision. Therefore, you must focus on generating 1st party reviews on your company’s website to be able to rank higher in SERP and also improve word of mouth in your local demographic. You must not just focus on reviews on your parent site, but also urge existing customers to give you a positive review on the sites of your various branches. Though reviews can be double-edged, if you have enough positive reviews, they will outnumber a few negative ones. You must also combat negative reviews by addressing them. This proves to Google that you are listening to your customers.

Leverage the SEO power of GMB – Multi-location businesses can benefit greatly from Google My Business (GMB) – a nifty tool that Google uses to index and rank various companies it is search results. When you key in your business details into the tool, you will find that your company will be ranked for relevant search queries including Reviews and Maps. This ranking is an important factor for your company to rank in the SERPs. Therefore, create a detailed listing for each of your outlets so that Google is able to recognize them as separate entities operating under a parent banner.

Google My Business

Localize Your Content – Last but not least, you must develop a solid content strategy for each of your business’s individual locations. Though this may take some additional effort, it will position you in a better spot to target buyers searching for your services or products locally. You must give each location a unique page of its own with a unique URL. Also make sure you do not duplicate any content and all information updated is exclusive to each of your franchises or branches. Create content based on the needs and wants of your consumers. Craft a catchy Home Page and About US page that contains relevant keywords. Also announce local news and events, listen to them on social media, answer questions promptly and request for their opinions. This will make potential customers more likely to buy from you!

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