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Adobe Business Catalyst DISCONTINUED! What to do next?

What is Adobe Business Catalyst?

In 2009, Adobe acquired Business Catalyst, an all-in-one content management system and digital marketing platform designed for creative agencies and businesses. This platform brings together the core features needed to build a website; including tools for eCommerce, Blogging, Events, Membership, Forums and more. With a multitude of security mechanisms in place, Adobe Business Catalyst built a strong reputation over the years for security and reliability, explaining why so many businesses built their websites around this platform.

Adobe is always committed to delivering exceptional software and services to our customers. They have announced the end of life for Business Catalyst that was acquired by Adobe 2009. Yes you heard it right! Adobe will no longer be developing on Business Catalyst. They are maintaining a small team to correct critical issues, but no new work is being done.

So. What to do now?

All the development will no longer be available on the platform and it will completely stop hosting the existing sites by March 2020. If you are wondering your next steps, iSigma team can assist you in transferring the sites. The Closest platform that we look at for converting existing BC sites is WordPress.

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Why WordPress?

I personally believe WordPress is your ideal solution. Being open source also means that the chances of you losing your website and all the money which you invested as being extremely low. Because the last situation you would want to find yourself in is being held ransom with your website or having your investment and digital platform basically taken from you.

Here are few Key features of WordPress platform

  • Easy Content Management
  • Improved Security
  • It’s available in over 50 languages
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Easy Customizations
  • Plenty of WordPress Plugins available
  • Outstanding Support
So. What's Next?

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