Albert Ballet School

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Business Background

Albert Ballet School, a professional and renowned dance school in Calgary, Canada, teaches everything from ballet to contemporary dance to jazz! Their instructors are highly experienced dancers and teachers who offer programs to students of all ages and skill levels. The staff is dedicated to ensuring students have a positive experience through daily class structure, communication with parents, and flexible payment plans. The dance school offers a range of programs to help ensure that their clients get the most out of their dance training. In addition, they provide their students with exclusive opportunities to hone their dancing skills and participate in the production. The school has set an iconic standard of excellence by fostering a culture of professionalism and creating a flexible, supportive environment for students.

Market Competition

Some competitors of the client are Carreiro Builders, ABA Custom Homes Inc and DRF Builders.

Project Goal/Client Requirements

The proprietor of this well-loved, famous dance school in Calgary, Canada, needed a crossplatform and attractive website with a responsive design to spice up its digital presence, traffic, and rankings. The client also wanted to improve the website’s navigation and eradicate all the non-essential design elements that hindered its performance, speed, and usability.


The client’s website was full of problems and had many technical issues. The design was not impressive, and the site was slow and clunky. The navigation bar was complicated to use and was not working appropriately. That was one of the reasons why most of their visitors didn’t stay on the site and left just after viewing one page only, leading to a high bounce rate. In addition, the website was not optimized for Google and acquired very few organic visitors and traffic.

It was pretty clear that their developer didn’t consider user experience when building the website. Tons of text, no clear headlines, no white space, and a lot of useless information on each page were also the main problems that we needed to tackle. Furthermore, the website didn’t work adequately on or appear to be compatible with many mobile platforms and browsers.

Solutions Offered​

The client needed a bespoke solution that could help their website push the boundaries of user experience and reach more customers

Time Frame

ISigma Solutions undertook the project in August 2018 to revamp the client’s site, boost rankings
& traffic, and increase conversions.


Our SEO and web design team worked hard to fix all the website problems from A to Z, and after some time, we finally achieved remarkable results. The load time was improved, and the bounce rate was dropped successfully. Furthermore, the content was optimized for the client’s desired target audience and keywords to maximize your visibility and improve your rankings. It was a win-win situation for both sides.

The client’s website saw growth increase:

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