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Business Background

Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services, based in Dallas, TX, was formed in 1989. A privately held real estate company, our organization specializes in operating and developing commercial properties for our clients and partners. As a leading service provider in Texas, our portfolio base includes over 20,000,000 square feet under leasing and management. We are well recognized in the Texas marketplace, and our dominant market share allows us the opportunity to complete over 5,000,000 square feet of transactions annually. Year to Year, Bradford completes a combined total of over $200,000,000 in sales and leases which enables us to deliver.


Client approached us with the issues that her end-client was facing with his old website. Some of the major issues they had mentioned were:

So there was a challenge for us to prepare a homepage of the prototype to discover users’ mental models of website. After
analyzing all of our research, we began to understand our project’s challenges


Since the launch of the new website in mid 2020, traffic from local channels has increased significantly and so is the conversion on the website. Download of Property case studies, flyers, & other resources are getting much engagement. Traffic from organic searches is climbing consistently in the past few months. WSI Plano won “Real Estate Standard of Excellence” Web Award 2021, for the design, innovation, technology, ease-of-use and content.

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We redesigned the website that is slick, modern, professional and easy to use. We were able bring the vision Julie S had for the website, to reality. Website received many commendations from Bradford clients & partners. The marketing solution includes a solid content strategy for blogs, videos and static content pages, social media marketing, SEO and local search optimization for multiple locations

“Thanks to ISigma Team for delivering this project on time and exceeding expectations. The entire team at Bradford is thrilled by the new look and feel of the website and the functionality. Keep up the Good Work.”
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Kalpana Murthy
CEO – WSI Digital Marketing dba Kriti Web Solutions, LLC