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Business Background

Do-all Stucco & Stones, a certified, skilled stucco contractor, precisely knows what goes into the process of creating a gorgeous stucco or stone finish for a home. The company provides high-quality stucco and stone services for residents of Red Deer, Alberta, and its surrounding communities. Their highly experienced team consists of licensed contractors, expert glazing installers, and several skilled workers with decades of industrial experience and profound
expertise. The company has successfully carried out hundreds of stucco projects and helped property holders with a different number of home repairs. Their stucco and stone services include but are not limited to acrylic stucco installation, repairing, restoration, remodeling, plastering rendering, EIFs installation, tiling, roofing, and general building work. From the timeliness of the initial bid to the project’s end, the company goes above and beyond to make
people’s homes look beautiful, durable, and different.

Market Competition

Some key competitors of the client are – Stucco Red Deer, Winter Stucco & Drywall Ltd,
Solida Construction, and Red Deer Roofing & Exteriors.

Project Goal/Client Requirements

The client, the owner of the company “Do-all Stucco & Stones,” was looking for ways to improve and optimize their site, so they asked us if we could help them identify the issues and fix them. They wanted us to help them get as much visibility as possible on search engines to drive more targeted traffic and visitors to their website. Moreover, the client wanted a clutter-free and user-friendly website with great content, handsome rankings and conversions, and an enhanced user experience. One of the primary goals also included making the website’s navigation simple and user-friendly, making it easier for prospects to navigate the website and find their desired content effectively.


Despite their success, the company’s growth was hindered by various outdated aspects of its website. Some of the biggest challenges were:

Poor Navigation

The client’s website was difficult to navigate and was not user-friendly. Having improper navigation made it hard for their prospects to move around the site, find desired content, and quickly return to previously visited pages. The main menu was completely cluttered. The menu items were not adequately linked to a content page, and the menu links were too long for the bar.

Broken Links & Missing Tags

There were several broken links on the website. The client’s website was also missing heading tags and Call-To-Actions. In addition, most of the website content seemed to be blended.

Slow Website Speed

The client also had complaints about their site being too slow. The website consisted of heavy content elements, which were not appropriately optimized, causing the website to freeze and crash frequently. Moreover, the site was not mobile-friendly and took too long to load on mobile devices.

High Bounce Rate

The client’s site had a high bounce rate. Moreover, it was not ranking anywhere near the top, and it wasn’t easy to find on the search engines

Actions Taken to Tackle the Challenges

Our experts at ISigma Solutions took upon the challenges and went to work with 100% focus on cleaning up the front-end of the client’s site and meeting the desired goals.

goal illustration

Complete Website Audit

Our SEO team at ISigma Solutions started by conducting a complete audit on the client’s site. We specifically audited various elements like index rate, internal links, keywords, search engine results, usability, header tags, competitor research, and content. Our team found that the website took longer than 4 seconds to load and was not easily navigable during the audit. In addition, they also discovered that the site was not mobilefriendly and didn’t have many backlinks from authority websites. The client’s visitors were not getting engaged and leaving the site too quickly, usually after viewing only one page, which led to a high bounce rate and needed serious attention. The purpose of this audit was to identify low-hanging fruit that could be fixed quickly to optimize the client’s site and assess more complex issues, so we could take proper measures to address them.

De-clutter the Website

After the audit, our designers and SEO experts shook hands to ensure that the client’s site was user-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually pleasant. We eliminated all unnecessary design elements on the page that didn’t add any value and kept the website’s navigation menu at the top. A minimalist design was used in the site to allow the prospects to see the content without any extra elements and deliver an optimal user experience.

Effective SEO & Content Marketing Plan

We provided our client with an effective strategy by aligning on-page and off-page SEO optimization with content marketing to improve rankings, traffic, and online visibility. In addition, we optimized website content, schema, and structure so that the site could rank on search engines like Google and Bing.

We ensured that all links on the client’s site were working appropriately by fixing and eradicating broken and outdated links. We then created a list of SEO-friendly URLs. We also excluded unnecessary URLs from being indexed by search engines. Then we created the XML sitemaps and submitted them to the webmaster tools account. Finally, we submitted the client’s website to various directories for link-building purposes and created backlinks using different methods, such as blog comments, forum posting, etc.

We performed thorough keyword research, including keyword discovery, target keyword identification, review of competitors’ keywords, and competitor link analysis. After that, we focused on developing high-quality, engaging, and informative content with proper keywords for the client’s web pages. Moreover, we improved website rankings and traffic by improving the quality of existing website content and targeting keywords specific to the client’s industry. Blog posts, articles, and social media posts were also generated and distributed across different media platforms to capture more leads, increase click-through rates, and boost conversions.

Lower Bounce Rate, Improved Rankings

The client’s goal was to bring traffic to their website and raise their rankings in the search engines. The first step in reducing the bounce rate and improving the site’s rankings was identifying why visitors were not engaging with the content for more than a few seconds. There were many causes, including broken links, poor usability, slow speed, etc. Next, our goal was to optimize the page load time and ensure that the site was adequately accessible on mobiles. Finally, our team improved the site speed in three areas: content, performance, and server capacity. It was done by using a content delivery network (CDN), minifying resources, avoiding redirects, combining multiple scripts into one file, and so on.

Time Frame

Our team kicked off the project in Feb 2020 to reduce bounce rate, build organic SEO rankings & traffic, optimize website design, improve goal conversion along with other objectives.


When the client came to us with their website, it had minimal organic rankings and traffic. The bounce rate was too high, and the website design was a mess. So we analyzed the site and developed an SEO plan and content marketing campaigns that generated thrilling results for the client and exceeded their expectations.

The website’s bounce rate has reduced significantly, which helped in improving its rankings and visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is now ranking on the 1st page of Google for the specific, targeted commercial keywords.

The client's website saw the growth increase:

Now, let’s take a glance at how our campaigns helped the client achieve conversion goals achieved through different mediums:

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