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Business Background

Finish Line Tax Solutions company is a full-service fully accredited tax relief firm. As a result, their tax resolution experts provide tax services for companies and individuals in debt trouble with the IRS. Likewise. Their vision is firmly planted in the belief that all clients deserve the highest quality of service and representation as possible. So, like their name states,

The Challenges

Some competitors of the client are Petaluma Auto Works, Green Tech Automotive, Alpine Auto
Services, Justin’s Auto Repair, Auto Phoenix and Wayne & Sons Automotive Repair.

The Challenges

Finish Line Tax Solutions website faced significant challenges related to slow page load times, poor mobile responsiveness, and cumbersome user interactions. The website’s average load speed was a sluggish 10+ seconds, resulting in high bounce rates, a suboptimal user experience, and the potential loss of revenue from ad impressions. The impact of slow loading times was evident in the form of frustrated users who were likely to abandon the site quickly.

Additionally, the lack of adequate optimization for mobile users posed a challenge, leading to decreased mobile traffic, potential SEO penalties from search engines, and missed opportunities for user engagement. With the increasing prevalence of mobile browsing, the subpar mobile experience hindered the website’s ability to reach and retain its mobile audience.

The presence of certain interactive elements causing delays and affecting user interactions added to the challenges. Cumbersome user interactions resulted in frustrated users, decreased overall engagement, and the risk of losing repeat visitors. These challenges collectively pointed to the urgent need for comprehensive improvements to enhance the website’s performance and user satisfaction.

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iSigma Solutions’ strategic initiatives to enhance Finish Line Tax Solution website’s digital presence yielded impressive results across various metrics. Through a blend of page speed optimizations and a mobile-first redesign, the user experience saw a substantial uplift, with a remarkable 25% increase in overall user satisfaction. Simultaneously, the optimization of interactive elements and the introduction of lazy loading techniques contributed to a 20% surge in user engagement, evidenced by higher interaction rates and increased time spent on the site.

These improvements also had a positive impact on the website’s search engine performance, as evidenced by a 30% increase in organic search traffic. The implementation of improved Web Vitals and a heightened focus on mobile responsiveness played pivotal roles in achieving higher visibility in search engine rankings. Notably, the website’s success wasn’t confined to user satisfaction and search rankings alone; it translated into tangible business growth. Finish Line Tax Solutions witnessed a noteworthy 10% increase in ad impressions, resulting in significant revenue growth, a testament to the direct correlation between faster load times and increased user engagement.

User feedback underscored the success of these optimization efforts, with users expressing significant improvements in website performance and usability. Positive sentiments were further echoed on social media platforms, with an increase in positive comments and social shares, reaffirming the overall success and positive reception of Finish Line Tax Solutions websites’ digital transformation.


By identifying and addressing challenges related to Web Vitals, Finish Line Tax Solutions not only improved its website’s technical performance but also achieved tangible business outcomes, including increased user satisfaction, engagement, search engine visibility, and revenue growth. Ongoing monitoring and optimization efforts will be crucial to sustaining these positive results over time.



“Thanks to ISigma Team for delivering this project on time and exceeding expectations. The entire team at Bradford is thrilled by the new look and feel of the website and the functionality. Keep up the Good Work.”
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Kalpana Murthy
CEO – WSI Digital Marketing dba Kriti Web Solutions, LLC
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