McLea’s Tire & Automotive Centers

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Business Background

McLea’s Tire and Automotive Centers has been helping car owners keep their cars healthy and happy for more than five decades. A family-owned business, McLea’s Tire and Automotive Centers serves Santa Rosa, Cotati, Petaluma and Windsor. They have a range of wheels by some of the biggest names in the global tire manufacturing industry. In addition to helping car owners with car maintenance and repairs, the McLea’s team assists them with decision making when it comes to choosing the right set of tires for their cars. Every Mclea’s Tire professional has decades of experience diagnosing and treating car problems. Nothing escapes their trained eyes. To ensure repairs don’t burn a hole in their customer’s pockets, McLea’s Tire comes up with discounts and offers regularly. The McLea’s Tire team pushes the envelope everyday to earn and keep the trust of customers.

Market Competition

Some competitors of the client are Petaluma Auto Works, Green Tech Automotive, Alpine Auto
Services, Justin’s Auto Repair, Auto Phoenix and Wayne & Sons Automotive Repair.

Tasks and Challenges

We completed the following tasks

goal illustration


Our SEO team crafted and implemented a powerful link building strategy. We tweaked the website design to make the website more user friendly. The content team created a winning content strategy. Our writers created relevant and engaging content. The SEO team identified the right platforms and distributed content. We came up with and implemented a plan to increase the client’s social media engagement.

Time Frame

The project was started in October 2018 for link building and content marketing campaign.


The website’s ranking improved dramatically. We drove qualified traffic to the client’s website
and engaged their target audience with expertly crafted targeted messages.

Project Goal

The top management at McLea’s Tire wanted to improve their site’s ranking. We interviewed the client to gain an in-depth understanding of their expectations and concerns. Once we had a better understanding of the client’s pain points, we started building an actionable roadmap.


We optimized web pages for organic keywords. When we started working on the campaign, the site had almost zero search visibility and now the site ranks in the top 10 for below keywords.


We increased traffic to the client’s website. Our teams ran several campaigns to increase brand awareness. We implemented several changes that improved the client’s SEO and consequently their search engine ranking.