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Business Background

About STTC

STTC is one of the largest commercial tire dealers in the United States. Serving the transportation industry with quality products and services since 1955. STTC’s commitment to manufacturing quality retreads and providing predictable and reliable services.

The Challenges

STTC’s old site was having more than 500 pages that were not well setup on the site and client was facing lot of issues to managing old outdated site it via old setup of site. Client had spent lot of money and time with old site and even with such large website client’s business was not picking up. Client really needed a reputation management strategy to increase positive feedback on the web Day by day web traffic performance was going down and organic traffic to the site was not up to the client’s satisfaction

Client was looking for someone who not even help us to re-built the site but also get the good traffic on the site so business can get more conversions. Timeframe was another constrains in front of us. Since client was loosing the business strength so he wanted to have the site up within 1-2 months.

Project Delivery

After we get involved in this project, we did complete analysis of the requirements and existing project. We noticed that client is more concern with management of web pages those were not well linked and managed from the backend. So we have prepared a well structured sitemap along with new Design Strategy of website. Design team did ver well on the Concept design and came up with brand new shiny homepage and innerpage concept.

Client was very amazed with the concept and want us to give same impact on development side of the website. As promised to the client, development went smooth and upon the mark and there were many pages added to the site and client was able to manage their content easily from the backend. From front end point of view, people found new site very well designed. 

There was a sidebar navigation menu that keeps the user in line with each service section. There was other features like Blog, FAQ, Web Forms, Slideshow etc to give unique browsing experience to the users.

Another feature that we have added to the site was Locations. User was able to browser various locations of the STTC and also get direction from his current location.

To get the Good SEO Ranking, all SEO meta tags were well copied from old site pages. To keep Google crawl all the the old page urls, we had setup 301 redirects on the site backend, where we have setup all old urls redirects to the new pages. Although to keep the 301 redirect minimal, team had kept the new page names same as old pages.

So with efforts of 1-2 months we was able to make the site live on production server.

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With all great efforts from the Design and Development Teams, we completed this project with flying colours. Client was very amazed with the output and the final product. It’s being a 3-4 years and website is doing really great and justifying its purpose as aOfficial Visitor Bureau for Indian River County. Since it was our 1st project with the client and he was so happy with the overall quality and output of the website, so we are one of the best service vendor to him. After successful launch of the website, client awarded us SEO and maintenance of this website for next 2 years.