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Hire a dedicated skilled technical resource without hiring headaches

Having your own web developer, graphic designer or software engineer is often a dream for many small sized boutique companies. If you are hoping to hire one for your company anytime soon, read on..

A number of small companies find that while they do requires these resources and skills, but there are often a number of problems hiring that much needed extra help. There is sporadic nature of work, questionable quality of new hire, and let’s not even talk about the HR and management headaches. But what if you really need a dedicated, qualified technical resource to make the most of your own or your clients web properties? Thankfully there is an answer to this puzzle.

iSigma provides you the right resource, the right experience at the right time. With no strings attached, you breathe easy as your off shore resource supports your ambitious plans with her expertise.

Need some answers? In this post, we answer a few of the most frequently asked questions.

1. How much would it cost me?

Naturally the cost varies depending on the type of expertise you want. Typically you would pay the prorated salary of the resource and a retainer fee to us. Given the reasonable salaries off shore and an attractive time sharing arrangement this will typically be far less than what you would pay for a full time employee.

2. Will I get to choose the resource working for me?

Absolutely. Having said that, we do know our staff inside out, and are well equipped to math their skills to your needs. This takes the onus of technical selection off you. You will have an opportunity to interview the selected candidates to see who you feel comfortable with.

3. What if I have problems with my resource later in the project.

This is the beauty of offshore resource hire. Unlike a permanent hire, it is easy to change your mind with us. iSigma backs it’s staff 100% and offers you peace of mind knowing that all your staffing issues are handled by us.

4. Has this worked before? What skills can you provide?

You bet!! A number of our people work for off shore employers on a time sharing basis. You can use our staff our website development and testing, project mgmt, graphic design and lot more. Just contact us with your needs and let us help you.

5. What about the time zone difference. How would I work with my resource in real time?

iSigma has been providing off shore resources to businesses worldwide for years now. Our people understand your need to connect to them real time. Depending on how important it is for you, they can be available in your time zone when needed or on a regular basis.

Imagine the freedom a dedicated skilled resource can bring to you and your business. Contact us today and start talking to your new team.

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