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How to Create Customized Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics is a powerful tool offered by Google to help website owners analyze their traffic. More than 50 million websites use Google Analytics. Once you set up Google Analytics, it will start collecting data about how users use your website. You can use this data to make strategic decisions.

A Google Analytics report consists of dimensions and metrics. Dimensions are attributes of your data. They describe characteristics such as geographical location or browser from which a session originates.

Metrics are quantitative measurements of data. A metric shows how the website is performing in relation to a particular dimension. Some common metrics are number of sessions and page per session.

You can create a custom Google Analytics report for your business. You can design your custom analytics report the way you want. You are in the driver’s seat. You get to select the dimensions and metrics and even decide how they should be displayed. A custom report allows you to summarize and present data in a way that suits your business goals.

There are three types of customized Analytics reports

Steps to Create Customized Report

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