how to perform an seo content gap analysis

How to Perform an SEO Content Gap Analysis

How to Perform an SEO Content Gap Analysis

Content is and will always be king. The right content builds credibility and trust and helps you connect with your target audience. To measure content effectiveness, perform SEO content gap analysis at regular intervals.

Content Gap Analysis: An Overview

Content gap analysis is performed to identify gaps in content. It involves finding missing pieces of content that align with what the target audience wants. Once you have identified content gaps, you can create content to target consumers at every stage of the buyer journey.

A content gap analysis involves auditing social media content, webpages, ebooks and downloadables, landing pages and blog articles on the website.

The Importance of Content Gap Analysis

Finding and filling gaps in your content improves your SEO and content marketing strategy so your website performs better. When done correctly, a content gap analysis can help you identify the type of content you need to create to establish your authority. Authority content helps build credibility and can generate quality leads.

A content gap analysis can help you
How to do a Content Gap Analysis

Understand and map out Your Buyer’s Journey
Identify the process your customers go through on their way towards buying from you.Consumers in different stages need different types of content to make informed decisions. Find out if you have content for every stage of your buyer’s journey.

Consumers in the awareness stage look for informational content that solves their pain points. Some common types of content used for consumers in this stage include social posts, educational blog posts and ebooks. These types of content offer valuable information to readers, but do not immediately convert them into buyers.

Consumers in the consideration stage want to compare various solutions to their problems. Some types of content to use for consumers in the consideration stage include comparison guides, reviews, best of posts, case studies and videos.

People in the decision stage look for information that they can use to arrive at a decision. . Some types of content proven to help turn consumers in this stage to leads and then to customers include comparison guides and video product/service demonstrations.

Do Market Research
The next step involves conducting market research. Send out surveys to existing customers, potential customers and industry experts. The objective of this exercise is to get feedback from your target audience so you can identify their pain points, concerns, expectations, goals and needs.

Some questions to include in a survey are

Once you start getting responses, you will be able to generate content ideas that align with the needs and concerns of your target audience.
Analyze Your Content

Analyze your content to check if there are gaps for your potential customers to fall through. Compile a list of URLs on your website. Determine if you are missing content that can help bridge the gap between one stage of your buyer’s journey and the other.

Suppose you have a law firm. On your website, you have an article titled “How to file a Workman’s Compensation Claim?” The immediate call to action is “Hire a Lawyer” and you direct readers to your contact page. By doing so, you fail to answer any questions that people who still aren’t sure if they should hire a lawyer may have.

Instead, you may want to link to an informational article such as “5 Steps to finding a Workman’s Compensation lawyer who deserves your trust” or “10 Things to know before hiring a Workman’s Compensation lawyer”.

You can also use SEO tools to find gaps in your website content. See which keywords your site is already ranking for. When looking for these keywords, you may stumble upon keywords you are currently not targeting with existing content.

Analyze Competitor’s Content

Compare your content to your competitor’s content. Check what type of content your competition uses to lead consumers from one stage of the buyer’s journey to another. Check if their content directs readers to a contact page or they have content that nurtures consumers before they buy.

Find out your competitors’ top performing pages and check how they compare to your top performing pages. Analyze competitor keywords and content topics using keyword research tools.

Fill any Gaps

Fill any content gaps with new content you have generated using new content ideas. Make sure your new content is relevant, engaging and solves customer pain points. By filling in content gaps you will drive more quality traffic to your website and create a seamless journey for users.

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