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How Users Navigate Search Features and What it Means for SEO

Over the years, competition has heated up in almost every industry. Today, the number of businesses vying for the attention of customers is more than ever before. Blending in is no longer good enough. Only those businesses that dare to think beyond the conventional to stand out get noticed. To give your business an edge, you need a well-rounded SEO strategy that covers all the bases. An effective SEO strategy will help boost brand awareness and reputation. When the visibility of your brand increases, the ranking of your website will drastically improve.

Creating an SEO strategy should be considered an ongoing exercise, not a one-time activity. Review your SEO strategy at regular intervals, and tweak it according to the latest SEO trends. When creating or tweaking your strategy, you need to introduce and vary search features such as images, local packs, and knowledge panels.

A study involving 471 respondents found that a search engine results page with features such as video carousel, featured snippet, and a sponsored product carousel gets noticed in almost 74 percent of cases. The study found that the visual weight of SERP features impacts the path of a user’s gaze.

The Impact of SERP on User Behavior

The study concluded that results pages with featured snippets were viewed in 74 percent of cases. Images are visually appealing; they draw attention, and help users quickly determine whether the results are related to the topic they are researching. The study found that elements that return quick answers including knowledge panels also draw attention.

Despite the complexity and variation in search results pages, users were quick to take action. The average time that participants took to click their first selection was just 5.7 seconds.

A separate study found that consumers now take less time to find information, and spend more time engaging with businesses. Either users have become more adept at using specific search queries or search engines have evolved and have gotten better at understanding search queries.

The Pinball Pattern: An Overview

Most result pages include different types of interactive elements, results, and ads. Users direct their gaze to these elements in a nonlinear fashion. This phenomenon is known as the pinball pattern.

Results That Get Noticed

Consumer search behavior has drastically changed over the last decade or so. This year, the first result received just 28 percent clicks, compared to 51 percent in 2006. Though the chances of an ad listing getting noticed further down the page has improved, features are more prevalent in the top spot today than in 2006.

What These Trends Mean for SEO

Today, securing a top organic spot is important, more than ever before. To attract attention, you need to optimize for search features. Blue link organic listings are being replaced by ads and rich answers. The message is loud and clear – you need to optimize for features that make the most sense to your business.

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