Must Have WordPress Plugins for your WordPress Site

It is a no-brainer that WordPress is by far the most prominent

It is a no-brainer that WordPress is by far the most prominent web publishing software out there. Over 80 million websites depend on WordPress – it is definitely no longer just a blooging software on steroids anymore. However, to get the best of your WordPress site, plugins are a must. Plugins extend the functionality of your website, and give it the professional edge. So here’s a list of top wordpress plugins that will add great functionality to your website. But consider each one carefully in light of what experience you want to offer to your visitors, and what functionality does your website really need.Remember, each additional plugin installed will eat away a little bit of the speed.

Last counted, wordpress had 34,503 plugins on their site, with over 780,000,000 downloads.. Which one does your website need? Trust the best – loved lists of our developers – they’ve been working with WP for last 15 years. Here’s a compilation of the WP Plugins our developers, and our clients love.

For SEO:

This is definitely not an area you want to overlook. It is essential that your WP site is optimized so people can find it online. WordPress SEO by Yoast is by far the most used, standard, “the” SEO plugin for WP.

For Social:

These days we do not market only to a visitor – we also market to their network of friends. Enable your visitors to share the love using Digg Digg social sharing buttons.

For Spam:

Save your site from spam and automated bots, and add additional security. Use SI Captcha AntiSpam Plugin and add security to comments, registration, lost password forms, and what not.

For Backup:

While there are many sophisticated plugins that can do a lot for backup – from basic page caching to code modification and DB backups, if you are keen on a DIY solution, consider WP_SuperCache. It is easy to setup and use, and provides static HTML Files for your users.

For Navigation:

WP – PageNavi allows you to create customized, fancy pagination links that can replace the standard Next and Previous links. Absolutely must-have.

Want More?

A business website is no small DIY project. It’s easy to add value to your website, but when you want the website to add value to your business, you need a professional. Contact the experts for a no-hassle WP site with all functionalities that you really need.