OK, Google: How Do I optimize your website for Voice Search?

If you haven’t yet implemented a voice SEO strategy for your brand marketing, you are lagging. In today’s world, Video-based promotion allows you to reach out to your potential customers just through a click; the competition has become much fierce than it used to be in the previous decades.

Maybe, you have ridden the waves of revolution and implemented several digital marketing tactics for bringing in more number of leads. In this modern era, basic SEO is not the last resort for profitability. The internet, especially Google; as an entity, has transformed the way companies could rake in massive leads. But today, the real power lies on the hand of the voice command search techniques. Voice search is the new kingmaker; make sure you implement these strategies to the best possible extent.

How does Google Search Command work?

If you have used the Google search command tool even for once, you would probably know that before asking any specific question to the search engine, you are required to say the terms “OK Google.” This allows the search engine’s algorithm to recognize the type of query it is about to meet. Accordingly, now the voice command tool can catch what exactly what you need answers for.

Brands, companies, internet marketers, etc. can use effective measures for implementing voice SEO into their marketing campaign. The recent data shows a steep rise in the popularity of voice queries. And guess what- there are still arrays of opportunity for you to take advantage of voice SEO strategies since the technique has not yet penetrated the several sub-sections of the digital society.

The ultimate trend!

If we take into account the various data sets brought forward by the Google Trends tool, it would be an extraordinary experience to see that there has been a seven times increase in the popularity for voice SEO search behavior over last nine years.

Therefore, it’s understandable that over the next few years, the search volume would increase drastically and for the betterment of the internet community. If you are a business house or an internet marketer, implementing Google voice command search SEO techniques is something you must not avoid at all costs.

Implementing voice SEO

The best way to excel in the voice SEO tactics is to start campaigning with the “near me” search results. Make sure that you have listed your company in the areas you operate and make sure o implementing voice command search techniques. Using local languages along with English should be in your mind for better conversion and interaction with your potential customers.

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