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Protect Your Business with Online Reputation Management

Whatever your industry, reputation is everything. There are several advantages of a good business reputation. People trust businesses with strong positive reputations. They are perceived as creating more value for their customers, which allows them to charge a premium for their products or services.

Your online reputation is more important than you think. It determines how netizens perceive your brand when they search for it or stumble upon it while browsing the internet. A negative online reputation can make a dent in your offline reputation.

Online Reputation Management: What it is and why is it Important

Online reputation management is the practice of utilizing a combination of public relations, marketing, legal and SEO strategies to monitor and manage a brand’s online reputation.

Managing your brand’s online reputation is more complex than you think. Hire an ORM expert with a proven track record of success to manage your reputation. The professional will perform an audit of your online reputation. They will establish an online reputation management strategy and come up with an effective plan to monitor brand mentions.

How to Manage Your Online Reputation
Encourage Customers to Leave Positive Reviews

Customer reviews can make or break your brand’s online reputation. A study found that 84 percent of buyers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from someone they trust.

Around 93 percent of buyers read online reviews when deciding whether to buy a product. Around 50 percent of customers don’t fully trust brands with negative reviews.

Use incentives to motivate customers to write reviews. Target satisfied customers. Do not let your emotions get the better of you when replying to negative reviews. Make writing reviews as simple as possible.

Create a Company Blog

Blogging can increase website traffic and attract new customers.

Every piece of content has a shelf life. Out of sight out of mind. If you post an article today and your next article six months after, your content will fail to have the desired impact. Post consistently to ensure your target audience always has something to look forward to.

Write technical posts to establish yourself as a subject matter expert. Create content that explains to readers how your products and services can simplify their lives.

Engage Your Target Audience

Host webinars regularly. There are several benefits of webinars. Use webinars to expand your reach, establish authority and build trust. Use exercises and challenges to make your webinars engaging. Who doesn’t love freebies? Start your webinars with giveaways. Bring in surprise influencers and guests.

Encourage your customers to co-create. Reach out to your target audience to get their suggestions and inputs. Respond to positive as well as negative feedback. Give credit where credit is due. If you use a customer’s idea, remember to give them a shoutout.

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