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Thanks to relaxed government regulations, there has been a surge in new businesses entering local markets around the world. With intense competition, local business owners are looking for ways to make their businesses stand out from the crowd.

Local businesses are investing in Local SEO in Mississauga now more than ever. When done correctly, local SEO is extremely effective and can help make prospects and customers fall in love with your business.

Every local business should make optimizing for local search a priority. More people than ever are using local search before buying a product or availing a service. 46 percent of all searches on Google include local intent.

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Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website for local search. When you optimize your site for local search, you are letting Google know your business’s location and that you want people to find your business.

A local business can use local SEO to make their webpages to rank for certain search queries performed by their audience. Local SEO in Grimsby ensures buyers and prospects of a business can find them online and offline. Even if a business does not see an increase in the number of visitors straightaway, they will still be targeting people in the same geographical areas as they are.
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Why Invest in Local SEO? When done correctly, local SEO can help target buyers and prospects in a particular location. It is more cost-effective than traditional marketing and can help engage your target audience. Here are some key benefits of local SEO for local businesses.
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Enhanced Traffic

No matter how good your business’s offerings are, you won’t get any website traffic if people do not know about your business. Local SEO increases the visibility of a local business, helping increase website traffic.

The more the number of people visiting your website, the more opportunities you have to convert prospects into buyers.

Less Advertising Costs

With traditional marketing, you have to spend large sums of money on marketing collateral such as hoardings, banners and flyers. You do not have to invest a substantial amount to advertise your offerings online.

When you use organic SEO, you don’t need to invest in ads. Even if you use paid ads, you will spend way less than traditional marketing.

Increasing number of mobile internet users use near me phrases when looking for a local business. Optimizing your site for local search is a great way to put your business in front of people who are looking for products and/or services similar to yours.

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Increased Conversion Rates

More traffic does not necessarily equal more sales. If people are visiting your site, but aren’t buying anything from your online or offline store, you won’t benefit from a strong online presence.

Around 28 percent of local search results result in sales. Local SEO helps you establish your expertise and win over your audience through value-added content.

Local SEO companies hire content creators with the skills and expertise required to create hard-hitting, impactful content.

When you hire a Grimsby local SEO company, their content creators create value-added content. They repurpose your top performing content to ensure it does not lose its relevance.

Content creators write impactful content that addresses your audience’s biggest pain points, helping you build authority (a business that knows its stuff).

The modern consumer is impatient. They cannot wait for several minutes for a website to load. A slow-loading website can frustrate your visitors and they may defect to a competitor.

Local SEO helps make your site more user friendly. A user-friendly website makes it easier for visitors to find the information they’re looking for. When people trust your business and have a good experience using your site, they are more likely to buy from you.

Most people are more likely to trust people they know than endorsements (that to be honest, can be misleading). Trusted businesses do not have any trouble generating word of mouth.

If you nudge your satisfied customers in the right direction, many of them would refer your business to a friend or acquaintance, who are more likely to buy from a business someone they know have used before and are happy with than a business they haven’t heard about or have limited knowledge about.

Local SEO can Help Build a Community

Local businesses must realize the importance of building a value-driven group of customers and prospects. Once you are successful in building a community of buyers and prospects, you do not need to invest vast amounts of money in marketing as you already have a data reservoir that you can use to effectively market your offerings to your target audience.

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Gives Businesses a Competitive Edge

Of around 200 million active websites, only a handful get traffic. Having a website is important, however, a website that does not convert is a burden, rather than an asset. A slow-loading website can dent your reputation and you could start losing market share to your competitors.

Local SEO can give your business a competitive edge by helping you make your site stand out from the crowd. You can use local SEO techniques to increase brand awareness, build a strong business reputation and show your buyers and prospects that you have their best interests at heart.


Fasttrack Your Digital Transformation With iSigma Solutions

iSigma Solutions is a full service local SEO agency in Mississauga. We offer a range of local SEO services in Toronto. Whether you want to build a new strategy to target your audience in a specific geographic location from scratch or already have a strategy that needs some fine-tuning, we can help.

We have assembled an A-team of Grimsby local SEO experts. We are committed to delivering value to our clients. We take pride in being able to help businesses in different sectors build a strong online presence.

Good research is half the battle. Before starting a project, we meet the client’s team and ask the client questions about their business, goals and competition to acquire an in-depth understanding of their project objectives (what they expect to achieve by improving their local SEO or building their local presence from scratch).

We research the client’s competition, audit the client’s website and study the industry. Our team performs a SWOT analysis to study the internal and external environment of the business and challenges facing it.

After we have developed a deeper understanding of the client’s expectations and concerns, our team starts building a killer strategy.

Our pros have years of experience of managing digital marketing projects from start to finish. When developing a strategy, they are able to foresee project challenges and find a way to circumnavigate them. They use their experience and expertise to build customized solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses.

We use tried and tested methods to improve local SEO. Google My Business is more important than ever. We make sure our clients’ Google My Business pages are optimized (which includes creating and verifying their GMB pages and using Google posts within their accounts).

We update GMB pages at regular intervals. If a business’s location, working hours or any other info about it has changed, we update their GMB page in a timely manner to ensure the most accurate information is shared with the client’s target audience and Google recognizes their business as authentic.

People trust online reviews. More than 50 percent of online shoppers read at least four customer reviews before buying a product.

We realize the importance of positive online reviews. We take various steps such as incentivizing reviews to encourage buyers to leave online reviews. A complex process can intimidate people, discouraging them instead of encouraging them to write a review. We make the process of leaving reviews as simple as possible.

We help businesses harness the power of social media. Our social media team comes up with customized strategies to use social media to engage target audiences and drive website traffic.

Our content team creates quality, value-added content for GMB profiles. We regularly add posts to our clients’ profile to improve engagement and create opportunities to directly talk to their target audiences.

We use social listening to track conversations and brand mentions. Our teams constantly monitor conversations, encourage page visitors to share content, leave likes and comments on posts. They thank people for leaving positive feedback and reach out to angry and disgruntled customers in a timely manner to answer their queries and address their concerns.

For clients that have multiple brick and mortar locations, we add multiple location pages to their websites. We take care to avoid duplicating content across location pages.

Our content team creates local content covering local events, businesses and industries. Our content creators write truly for people, not search engines. We help businesses become local authorities in their industries by promoting local industry gatherings, news and educational content on their blogs.

More people now than ever before use mobile internet. More than half of all Google searches are performed on mobile. A mobile-friendly website should be a priority. We ensure our clients’ websites are mobile friendly making it easy for their customers and prospects to find them.

Inbound links help local SEO. We use tried and tested methods (such as guest blog posting) to get quality inbound links. Everytime our wordsmiths write a piece, they optimize it for search engines by using an impactful title, header, meta description and high-volume keyword in the URL.

We use geo-targeted content, customer success stories and case studies to engage our clients’ target audiences. Our SEO team optimizes online directories and citations and performs a local SEO audit to see where the client’s website stands and determine the steps, we need to take in order to achieve project goals.

Internal linking matters. We adjust our clients’ internal linking structure to boost their SEO rankings.

Data is the new oil. Our teams use data collected from different platforms and websites to gain important insights into consumer behavior, identify loopholes and plug them in a timely manner. We use our knowhow and experience to build scalable strategies.

Our pros keep on top of SEO trends and practices. They know what’s trending and what’s out of vogue. Their knowledge allows them to come up with ways to keep businesses ahead of the curve.

You cannot implement your local SEO strategy and forget it. We realize the importance of continuous evaluation. We revisit our clients’ local SEO strategies at regular intervals and make tweaks to them as needed to ensure they stay relevant.

Local Search Optimization FAQs

Local SEO should be a priority, not an afterthought. An effective local SEO will help your business stand out from the crowd by increasing online visibility. It will drive targeted traffic to your website.

Since people who are looking for products or services similar to yours will be directed to your website, they are more likely to buy from you.

Here are some tried and tested ways to improve local SEO

  • Create a GMB account. Be sure to keep info (NAP-name, address and phone number) consistent. Whenever your business location changes or a business event occurs, be sure to update your profile
  • Encourage your happy customers to leave online reviews
  • Optimize for voice search
  • Create content about local events, businesses and local news/stories
  • Come up with a plan to leverage local keywords
  • Create a dedicated web page for every product/service

The main aim of a local SEO audit is to help you evaluate your current local SEO performance. A local SEO audit will reveal loopholes and strategy execution problems. You can use data collected to analyze your strategy (understand what you are doing right and identify areas of improvement).

Here are some ways to perform a local SEO audit

  • Review on-page signals, citation signals, behavioral signals and link signals
  • Audit your GMB page
  • Audit your website and landing page
  • Research your competition
  • Check your citations and links to see how many of them are coming from high-authority, relevant domains

Don't let these local SEO myths confuse you

  • Deleting your GMB listing will remove it from Google
  • Google displays all the information from GMB profiles
  • Have citations? You don't need backlinks
  • Posting on Google+ is a surefire way to improve your ranking
  • Lots of Google+ posts and followers will improve your ranking

A competitive analysis will help you understand where you stand and who your competitors are. After a competitive analysis, you will be able to acquire an in-depth understanding of the search landscape for important keywords.

Follow these steps to perform a competitive analysis

  • Identify your competitors
  • Analyze their online presence
  • Find keyword gaps
  • Use data to evaluate your competitors' strengths and weaknesses
  • Research their content marketing and social media marketing strategy

Traditional SEO focuses on improving your website's ranking nationally or globally, whereas the focus of local SEO is to improve a business's local search visibility.

Follow these steps to create your GMB profile

  • Sign in to GMB
  • Select the appropriate category for your business and add it
  • Enter your location and fill in your contact info
  • Finish and manage your listing
  • Verify your business on Google

There are three ways to claim your business on Google

  • Log into GMB. Select your business and follow the steps to confirm that you are the business owner
  • Look up the listing and click Own this business?
  • Locate your listing in Maps and click Manage this listing

Want to know how we can help you improve your local ranking on Google? Call our office.

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