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Even if you have a strong online presence, but are not reaching the people who are actually interested in your products or services, you are missing out on business opportunities. Paid digital advertisements can help you target the right audience.

As the name suggests, paid digital advertising is any form of advertising in which the advertiser pays for the ads.

Types of Paid Advertising

search ads

Search Ads

Search paid ads appear just above or below search results. These ads are served to the people who have searched for the particular keyword on the basis of their requirements. These are text-only ads, meaning you won’t see images or videos with these ads.

A search ad usually shows on a Search Engine Results or SERP and answers a particular question. In addition to being displayed on the main page, a search ad appears in third-party sites, catalogues and maps.

display ads

Display Ads

Paid agencies show display ads to people who fit specific criteria (such as demographics and interests) Display ads can take several different forms including images, text and videos. These ads are usually used to increase awareness about the product or service being advertised. Display ads are placed on Google partner websites that have slots for ad placement.

social media ads

Social Media Ads

With more than four billion users, social media is a juggernaut. Social media ads are placed on different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. A social media ad has a sponsored tag alongside it.

There are several benefits of advertising on social media ranging from improved brand recognition and brand loyalty to reduced marketing costs.

Advertise on platforms that your target audience uses the most. To maximize your ad reach, show ads when your prospects and customers are most likely to be online.

pay per click


In this advertising model, the advertiser pays every time a person clicks on their ad. Pay per click advertising is one of the most used paid advertising models. PPC agencies in Toronto and elsewhere usually use the model to generate leads and drive website traffic.

There are several benefits of PPC. PPC generates quick results, increases brand recognition and is cost effective. PPC specialists in Mississauga use paid ads to effectively engage the audience and even influence their buying decisions.

remarketing ads

Remarketing/Retargeting Ads

The main aim of retargeting is to remind users about a site they had visited before and are hence shown to only those people who have already visited the advertiser’s site. Remarketing ads appear in the form of thematic ads.

How does remarketing work? So for example, if a user visited a website looking for Puma sneakers, after they leave it and visit any other online store, they will see an ad from the same site.

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

Businesses around the world use influencers to market their products and services. Influencers have a huge fan following. They have the power to influence their followers’ purchase decisions because of their authority.

In this model, the advertiser pays influencers to promote their products and services through endorsements and product placements. When selecting an influencer, it is important that you consider the type of audience they are able to influence. Select an influencer who possesses the power to influence your target audience.

native advertising

Native Advertising

Native ads are paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear, thereby, giving the impression that they are part of the platform. They are great for promoting blog posts.

Native ads can take several different forms including search ads, recommendation widgets, in-feed and promoted listings.

local service ads

Local Service Ads

As the name suggests, local service ads are used by local businesses to reach people looking for the products or services similar to theirs. Customers in your area will view your local service ads. You will pay only when a person contacts you directly through the ad.

gmail ads

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail has more than 1.5 billion active users worldwide. Many paid agencies use Gmail to promote their offerings. Gmail sponsored promotions appear at the top of the inbox. The subject line of these ads are bold and have the tag Ad alongside them.

paid marketing

Why Invest in Paid Marketing?

When used effectively, paid ads can garner instant results. With paid marketing, you are guaranteed to reach the right audience. Paid ads are measurable. Agencies use cost per impression (the cost the advertiser incurs when their ad is shown to per 1,000 impressions) to assess the cost-effectiveness and profitability of their campaigns.

paid ads

Paid Ads are Affordable

Paid ads can help you reach the people who are actively searching for the products or services similar to yours. Ads are easy to create. Images used in ads can be created in minutes using open-source tools.

Advertisers can keep track of the money they have spent on ads and set daily and total budgets for their campaigns on all ad platforms.

granular targeting

Specific and Granular Targeting

Paid targeting is highly specific. Paid ads can help you target people on the basis of demographics and location. With paid search marketing, you can target a prospect within 2-3 km radius of your store, something that isn’t possible with organic SEO.

Use information collected through campaigns to analyze your audience and refine your paid ad targeting strategy. Target buyers on the basis of different targeting factors such as geographic location, demographics, hobbies/interests and job titles.


Improved Site Ranking

Whether you have a new website or an old website that does not rank organically on Google, you can use paid advertising to improve your site’s ranking. Paid advertising allows you to place ads for keywords and drive high-quality traffic to your website.

It may take some time before people start writing reviews for your Google My Business profile or your content creators start generating impactful content. In the meantime, you could use paid ads to build brand recognition.

retention marketing

Enables you to Retarget and Retain Your Customers

Retaining existing customers is more feasible than targeting prospects. You can use paid ads to retarget visitors who have already visited your site. Come up with an effective campaign to show your audience relevant ads.

Retargeting allows you to stay top of mind, increasing the chance of a buyer recalling or recognizing your brand under different circumstances.

data analysis

You Will Gain Valuable Audience Insights

You can use data to analyze how your target audience is interacting with your ads and then optimize them accordingly. Once you have acquired an in-depth understanding of your audience, you can refine your messaging.

Use historical and current data collected from paid ad platforms to get your message across to both your customers and prospects.


iSigma Solutions Helps Businesses Leverage Digital Paid Ads

iSigma Solutions is a renowned paid agency in Grimsby. We are committed to helping businesses supercharge growth. Over the years, we have helped several businesses grow their audiences.

We have assembled an A-team of digital marketing experts. Our professionals have the knowhow and expertise to create customized PPC campaigns to suit the specific needs of our clients.

We have extensive experience setting up PPC campaigns for businesses. We help businesses find the right platforms for their campaigns and leverage them. No matter what industry you’re in, we can help you woo your target audience. Good paid search starts with keyword research. We do keyword research to understand how people are actually searching a client’s products or services.

For clients that have been running ads for some time, we perform a periodic audit of search terms to determine if the way their customers are looking for their products or services has changed over time.

We help businesses squeeze every dollar out of their marketing spend. Our experienced project managers are able to foresee project challenges and come up with a plan to circumnavigate them.

We serve up relevant offers at the right time using PPC. Showing people random ads is a complete waste of money. Irrelevant ads can be flagged as intrusive. We use ads to target only those people who are interested in our clients’ offerings.

Our PPC team uses data to study consumer behavior. We do extensive research to acquire an in-depth understanding of the client’s target audience (their buyers’ and prospects’ expectations, concerns, needs, desires and pain points) and show only those ads that would interest them.

We use different types of ads including text-only ads, image-based ads, interactive ads and videos to engage our clients’ target audiences.

When determining the type of ad to use for a particular client, we consider the goal of their ad campaigns. An image-based ad is great for increasing brand awareness. Video ads are usually used to explain a complex product or service.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a common form of digital marketing. We help businesses bring potential customers back to their sites with remarketing. Our pros know what works and what doesn’t. They optimize retargeting campaigns and ensure ads reach the right audience.

If a particular ad is shown to a person multiple times a day or week, they can get frustrated. We use AdWords frequency reports to limit how often an ad is shown to users. We show ads based on CRM data. To avoid showing ads to people who have already taken action they are trying to incite, we set smart burn pixels or pages for retargeting campaigns.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. We use social media ads to help clients effectively engage their target audiences, build brand awareness and target users with remarketing.

You cannot just set up your campaigns and forget them and must continuously monitor them. We use metrics to gauge the success of marketing campaigns.

Our PPC experts benchmark results against goals, evaluate KPIs (such as Quality Score, Cost Per Conversion or CPC and Bounce rate) and other campaign data to track progress. The root cause of any deviation is identified and treated in a timely manner.

Before starting a project, we do our homework. The PPC team performs a PPC audit to acquire an in-depth understanding of the client’s target audience and their marketing goals. Once we have defined the client’s target audience, we start working on an action plan to build a strong online presence.


Paid digital advertising involves using paid ads to promote offerings. When done correctly, paid advertising is highly effective. Paid ads are cost effective, help reach the target audience and increase conversion rate.

To get the most out of your campaigns, avoid these pitfalls

  • Not using a landing page
  • Not testing your landing page
  • Being overly reliant on select platforms
  • Not buying ads directly from publishers
  • Not tracking the right metrics
  • Not optimizing ads
  • Using too many keywords in ad groups
  • Using sub-standard creative (copy and image)
  • Not using retargeting
  • Strategy and budget mismatch (for example, focusing on multiple platforms even when you have a limited budget)

Here are some paid marketing hacks to to amplify your brand's reach

  • Choose the right social media platform
  • Make sure your social ads work on mobile devices
  • Test and evaluate your ads
  • Build a list of the most relevant keywords
  • Optimize your ads

Here are the steps to setting up an advertising campaign

  • Set campaign goals
  • Decide you will measure the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Define your target audience
  • Pick the right platforms
  • Set your budget
  • Set a theme for your campaign

Ad tracking is the process of collecting and analyzing data on the performance of advertising campaigns and user insights.

Here are some ways to collect this information

  • Track URLs
  • Track pixels
  • Use cookies to track user activity (after obtaining their consent)

Here are the most important KPI metrics you should track

  • Return on Ad Spend or ROAS
  • Click Through Rate or CTR
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Cost Per Click
  • Impression Share

Leveraging paid ads with Impactful content will address campaign roadblocks. Here are some ways to effectively mix paid ads and content

  • Identify the best content for your chosen channels
  • Use website traffic data to identify high performing content that can be promoted through paid channels

To calculate PPC ROI, you need to calculate return on ad spend or return on investment or profit per impression/click.

  • Return on ad spend: Return on ad spend or ROAS=PPC revenue-cost/PPC cost
  • Return on investment: Return on Investment or ROI is calculated the same way as Return on Ad Spend, the only difference being that all costs (fixed as well as variable) are factored in
  • Profit per impression: Profit per impression is not as straightforward as ROAS or ROI to calculate. To calculate PPI, you'll need impressions data. You also need to determine total sales value and total costs. Once you have all the necessary data, follow these formula
  • Profit per impression=profit/impression
  • Profit per click=profit/click

Here are some PPC advertising benefits

  • Unlike organic SEO that takes time to start working, PPC generates immediate results
  • Drives high quality traffic
  • Ads are measurable and trackable
  • You are in the driver's seat
  • You get several targeting options

Here are some social media advertising tips

  • Take steps to improve your Quality Score
  • Promote your content on different social media websites (not just the popular ones)
  • Combine paid search and social ads

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