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Transform Your brand into a Social Media Juggernaut

With close to 4.5 billion users, social media is a force to be reckoned with. Marketers use social media to engage their target audience, promote their products and services and find out what people are talking about their brands. If you are not present on social media platforms, now is the right time to jump on the social media bandwagon.

Every business needs a social media marketing strategy. An effective social media marketing strategy in Toronto can help develop brand recognition, generate marketplace insights, leverage social listening to connect with target audience and increase conversion rate.

Gaining attention and maintaining engagement on social media is becoming more difficult with each passing year. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses on social media that publish tons of content everyday. An effective social media marketing strategy will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Every Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Agency

There is no one size fits all approach to social media marketing. A generic social media marketing strategy will get you nowhere. It will fall flat and your competitors may get ahead of you.

A social media agency in Mississauga can help you create, implement and monitor a customized social media marketing strategy-a strategy created to fit your unique needs, keeping in mind your target audience, expectations and concerns. A customized strategy will help you attract and hold attention.

A social media marketing agency in Mississauga can save you time and money. When you hire an agency, you don’t have to buy tools required to implement your strategy and monitor performance.

Social media marketing professionals have the skills and experience required to plan and implement social media campaigns with utmost precision.

Social media marketing agencies know best practices and how to squeeze more out of budgets. They have the resources to get the job done.

When designing your social media marketing campaign, a social media agency in Toronto will consider your target audience’s tastes and preferences. After your outsourcing partner finds out which platforms your target audience uses, they will come up with a plan to beef up your presence on these platforms.

Social media marketing agencies employ subject matter experts. When you hire an agency, you get access to their resources. You will have peace of mind knowing that experts are managing your business profiles.

From identifying the right platforms to creating and uploading content, the team will take care of everything. Hiring an agency will free up time for high value work. The agency will track performance and take corrective actions in a timely manner if performance deviations occur.

How can iSigma Solutions Help?

iSigma Solutions is a leading social media agency in Mississauga. We have years of experience designing, implementing and monitoring social media marketing strategies for our clients. Our pros have the expertise required to create and deliver cost-effective and results-driven social media marketing solutions.

Our Process


Strategy formulation

During the initial consultation sessions, we interview the client. We ask them questions about their business goals and how they think social media can help them achieve these objectives.

Different businesses use social media for different purposes. Some use it to increase brand awareness, others use different platforms to drive website traffic. The main aim of the initial sessions is to acquire an in-depth understanding of the client’s expectations.

The major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest. There are several upcoming and smaller platforms such as Anchor, TikTok and Tumblr. Though these platforms may not be as popular as social media heavyweights, they have potential.

Just because all your rivals are on Facebook or some other popular social media platform, does not necessarily mean it is the right platform for you. Every other business is on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. More content creators=more competition. Your messages can easily get lost in the crowd. Up-and-coming platforms, on the other hand, are less crowded. Building a strong presence on a relatively lesser known platform might be a good idea. If you create an account on a growing platform today, with an effective strategy, you will reap the benefit tomorrow.

We encourage the client to think about the platforms they want to focus on. We help them determine if they should be on every platform or build a presence on only those platforms their audience is on.

Buyer personas should be based on real-world data, not gut instinct. We do thorough audience research. We compile data on the business’s existing customers and social audience based on their age, language, location, stages of life, challenges, spending power and interests.

The main aim of audience research is to acquire an in-depth understanding of the target audience’s pain points, their goals and how the business can help.

Next, we ask the client what type of content they want to share on social media. What type of content (educational content vs interesting content) will attract the target audience best? Does the client’s audience prefer receiving links, images or videos? We use research results to find answers to these questions.

Planning and Publishing

Strategic planning is key to success. Publishing content when the target audience is offline won’t have the desired effect. We help the client determine the best times to publish on different platforms.

Our content team writes compelling, thought provoking content targeted specifically at the business’s target audience. We try to address customer pain points through content. We use content automation tools to automate redundant and time-consuming processes.

We use social media scheduling tools designed to publish content automatically at the client’s preferred time. This helps save time, effort and resources and allows us to reach prospects and buyers when they are most likely to engage with content.

iSigma Solutions offers customized website maintenance packages. Once we gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and pain points, our team will come up with a maintenance plan tailor made to fit your specific needs. We will regularly perform critical website maintenance activities such as publishing fresh and impactful content, testing loading speed and browser compatibility, fixing dead links and errors and making regular website backups. Load speed can make or break a website. The modern consumer does not have the time nor the patience to wait for a webpage to load. Do not let your website die a slow, painful death. If your website is painfully slow, give us a call. Our team will come up with a plan to make it lightning fast. We will regularly audit your website to identify security vulnerabilities and fix them before a hacker spots and exploits them. We will update plugins and integrations to improve functionality and reduce errors and issues. We will make sure your website stays on the right side of the law.

keyword research
competitor research

Listening and Engagement

Social listening matters. Social listening can help discover new leads, engage customers and track competitors. We employ customized strategies to track brand mentions on social media. Our social media marketing team responds to comments and feedback on posts. We reach out to dissatisfied customers in a timely manner.

Arguments on social media can turn ugly quickly. If you lose your cool when interacting with an angry customer, your reputation will take a hit. An experienced social media manager controls their emotions so their emotions don’t control them.

Our social media managers are through professionals. They never let their emotions get the best of them. They tackle difficult and disgruntled customers tactfully. Even when a customer loses their cool, our special media managers maintain their composure. Instead of trying to fight fire with fire, our pros try to calm down the customer by assuring them that they are here to help them.

We take various steps to boost content reach and engagement. We incentivize content sharing on social media and eliminate barriers to it. We make it as easy for readers to share content as possible.

Manually checking notifications across all social media platforms is an inefficient way to track online conversations. We use social media listening and engagement tools designed to automate the process. These tools aggregate social media mention and messages including posts in which the business wasn’t tagged.

Performance Tracking

You cannot implement your social media marketing strategy and forget it, and should monitor performance. After we implement a strategy, we design and put a performance monitoring strategy in place. 

We track social media metrics that really matter. This allows us to answer important questions such as how many mentions does the business get every month? Did the content reach more people than the last month? How many people and businesses are using the business’s hashtags on their social posts?

We use a range of social media analytics tools designed to uncover actionable insights. We compare the actual performance with desired performance to determine causes for any deviations.


Social Media Advertising

There are several benefits of advertising on social media. Social media ads are cost-effective. Social media advertising helps increase brand awareness, build brand loyalty, reduce marketing costs, improve search engine ranking and increase conversion rate.

We optimize ads for engagement. Our social media marketing teams use different social media advertising tools to optimize ads, automate processes and make bulk changes.


Our Team

Our social media marketing team consists of seasoned professionals. Every pro on our team has a proven track record of success. Nothing excites these go-getters more than helping brands build an army of loyal customers. They have the experience and expertise required to respond to a changing marketplace.

Our pros keep on top of social media marketing trends. They revisit social media marketing strategies at regular intervals and tweak them for continued success.

Before starting a project, they conduct a SWOT analysis to identify the areas that need improvement. They study the market and the competition. A detailed analysis allows them to anticipate which customer needs they should solve.

Their experience allows them to foresee challenges lying ahead and plan to overcome them.

our commitment

Our Commitment

Strategic partnerships fuel growth. We help brands shape growth strategies and accomplish social media goals. Over the years, we have helped several businesses build and implement sustainable social media growth strategies.

We are a client focused company. We put our clients at front and center. We just make recommendations, the client can accept or reject them.

We are committed to continuous improvement. We do not stop after implementing a strategy. Our social media marketing team monitors strategies and suggests measures to improve performance.

Effective communication is key to project success. We maintain seamless communication with our clients during different phases of their project. A dedicated project manager keeps the client in loop.

Before starting a project, we interview the client and ensure we and the client are on the same page. Effective communication prevents confusions and ensuing chaos and conflict of interest.

our expertise

Our Expertise

We use the latest tools and time tested methods to fuel social media growth. We use our expertise and know how to come up with plans to deliver value at every stage of the customer journey. Our knowhow allows us to view strategic challenges from multiple perspectives and think outside the box.

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