Website Maintenance

We Help Businesses Get the Most out of Their Websites

A professional website is an absolute necessity for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Your website is the face of your company. An effective website will improve your online presence, engage your target audience, help you truly understand your customers and most importantly, improve your customer experience. You cannot publish your website and forget it. Like everything else, websites need periodic maintenance. A poorly maintained website can do more harm than good. It can drive even the most loyal customer away and make quite a dent in your reputation. A well-maintained website, on the other hand, will increase your online visibility, taking your business to new heights.

iSigma Solutions offers customized website maintenance packages. Once we gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and pain points, our team will come up with a maintenance plan tailor made to fit your specific needs. We will regularly perform critical website maintenance activities such as publishing fresh and impactful content, testing loading speed and browser compatibility, fixing dead links and errors and making regular website backups. Load speed can make or break a website. The modern consumer does not have the time nor the patience to wait for a webpage to load. Do not let your website die a slow, painful death. If your website is painfully slow, give us a call. Our team will come up with a plan to make it lightning fast. We will regularly audit your website to identify security vulnerabilities and fix them before a hacker spots and exploits them. We will update plugins and integrations to improve functionality and reduce errors and issues. We will make sure your website stays on the right side of the law.


When using images, infographics and videos to update website content, our content creators make sure they do not violate any fair usage policy. We will include (and update) your privacy policy and a terms and conditions page that sets out the rights and responsibilities of anyone using your site.

We will help you make sure your website stays relevant. We keep on top of website design trends and will periodically tweak your web design to achieve better results.

There are several benefits of periodically maintaining your website. Regular maintenance prevents errors and problems before they occur. During a maintenance session, our team conducts several tests to identify current and potential problems. Once we understand what’s ailing your website, we will come up with a plan to treat the root cause of the problem. Business managers have too much on your plate. We offer end-to-end web maintenance solutions so business owners can focus on more critical tasks. To consult one of our experts, call our office.