Technical SEO Guide – How to Conduct an SEO Audit?

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of digital marketing, and compromising on that can be harmful to any business. SEO audits are necessary from time to time to keep track of every aspect of the business’ web presence.

It is an analytical tool for understanding the progress that your business is making. It is a good way of keeping a check on the issues (if any), leading to better results. In case you are wondering how to conduct an SEO audit properly, these are some easy steps that you can follow to get it done.

Can you index your pages?

This is one of the most common mistakes that people fall prey to. Sometimes, Google mistakes a page for spam and blocks it. What you have to do is ensure you do not become a victim of the same. Follow these steps to avoid that:

Check the backlinks
This is something many people are unaware of, but backlinks play a significant role in successful Search Engine Optimization. You can use Google Console and check if the backlinks are working or if they are causing any disruptions. In case the latter happens, it would be more favorable not to waste any more time and start looking for new links.
Make your website secure

Google has now made it official that it will give more preference to websites that are encrypted with HTTPS than those that are not. In case your website is not switched to HTTPS, you can make the change right away with the help of SSL.

One of the primary reasons why Google has made this decision is that HTTPS offers more security while communicating with web servers.

Is your metadata optimized?

During the crawling of a page, sometimes a metatag is inserted, which mistakenly blocks Google.

In case that happens, you can check the source code and make it certain that no such metadata or code exists any longer. If you are short on time, you can also take the help of an auditing tool to analyze and screen your metadata’s present status.

Maximize the speed of your site

The ideal speed for your webpage to load is in 3 seconds. If it takes any more than that, you should try one of these:

Make sure your anchor text is descriptive

Keywords are of vital importance to the functioning of SEO – this is something that we all know. However, making it a bit more descriptive will also work in your favor.

If your internal link structure is well-planned and you employ useful links, the search engine will rank your web page before those with a poorly-planned link structure.

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