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Top SEO Trends to follow in 2014 � Part: 1

With the competition getting tougher and tougher with each passing day, the marketers are busy discovering different ways to make SEO really ‘work’. However, greatest developments have been observed in the SEO universe, which every marketer must follow in order to plan a strategy that would really work for the projects in hand. Discussed here are trends in SEO, which marketers must be aware of and follow in the year 2014:

The dynamic and ever-changing Google search

Google has taken exponential action in changing the algorithm in the last 3 years. In fact, in 2013 only, there have been seen 13 noteworthy changes which made significant impact on the internet marketing community. Since February 2011, 25 important updates have been announced by this widely used search engine affecting website content quality and ranking.

Seeking the changes, marketers are recommended to cease all the spammy link building practices while focusing on creating textually rich content including attractive images, videos and audio to fully explore opportunities in making new customers. It clearly means – Google favors those whose approach is customer oriented.

Responsive and adaptive design is the key

With the customers getting attracted to smartphones, tablets, iPhones or iPads, having a responsive website is must to make things simpler for Google searches. Those who use different URLs for mobile and desktop users actually create problems as the same content is displayed on two different URLs. Optimal success can be achieved only when the opportunities offered by responsive web design are explored. Having the same URL draws the all search engine ranking value at one place instead of dividing it as in the case with two separate URLs.