Want More Online Traffic? Try These Creative SEO Strategies

SEO managers around the world realize the importance of driving traffic to their website. More traffic means more brand awareness and exposure. Even businesses with subpar conversion rates can increase their customers by driving more traffic to their website.

If you want to get more online traffic, you need to think outside the box. Come up with a strategy to improve your website’s user experience.

Good content and great website design attracts more traffic. This is no longer a secret. In today’s competitive world, you need more than just good content and a clean website design to drive traffic and must come up with something different to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Here are some unique ways to drive traffic to your website.

Write Expert Roundups

A roundup post includes aggregate content or opinions from subject matter experts in the appropriate niche. When creating an expert roundup, the writer contacts experts in the appropriate niche, requesting them to make contributions.

There are several benefits of this type of content. First and foremost, creating expert roundups is easy as most of the content comes from the contributors. You just have to copy and paste their comments/opinions and format the article.

Roundup posts can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website. Subject matter experts (be it industry experts or expert bloggers) have a dedicated fan base. When you post a story by influencers, their fans will come to your website. Roundup posts can also help establish authority.

Promote Your Content Across a Wider Variety of Platforms

Content creators are bombarding their audience with content across popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you depend only on popular platforms, your content may get lost in the content crowd.

To get a competitive advantage, share content on lesser known and smaller platforms such as Quora, Empire Avenue, and Tumbler. These small platforms are not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but they have a focused audience.

Not many content creators use these platforms to promote their content, which means less competition and a higher probability of your content getting noticed.

Write FAQ-Styled Posts

Think about the questions your audience may have. Write FAQ-styled posts answering those questions. If for instance, you have a fashion blog, you can write an FAQ-styled post about handbags. Include questions such as

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