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Which website design trends in 2015?

The digital scene is an ever shifting scene. Every day is a new revelation, every week is anew trend,and every month is a new technology. But some trends become the standards, while some end up being fads. Which website design trends in 2015 are here to stay?

1. Three's a company

Don’t forget Tablets. Responsive design has proved it mantle, and is no longer a buzz word. But like everything else,a responsive design is only as good as your implementation. Tablets are now a very important part of the device mix- and you want to ensure you do your RWD right to leverage tablets.

2. Scroll, not click

Extensive smartphone use means people are not averse to scrolling anymore. Long Scroll-happy webpages have been popping up on web scene, and are getting more and more popular. Don’t lose your visitors in tons of navigation links- and show all you must in a scrolling, attractive home page. Will this trend stay, though? Only time will tell.

3. Flat design works

Flat design was one of the emerging trends of 2015. Windows 8 famously adopted it, but so did many other websites. It has practical applications, with using more real estate on a webpage, and lesser graphic load. But the web designer jury is still divided. However, we’ll see more flat design websites around in 2015 for sure.

4. Not standard navigation

Menu bars are expected. Buttons are obvious. But it is time to amaze your users with something out of the box. Something creative, and unusual. With all the technology that’s now available, let your imagination take wings, and take your visitor along on the flight.

5. Easy eCommerce

With updates in woocommerce, magento and other ecoomerce technologies, there is no reason why any small business that can sell online should not. While online store may or may not be a big part of your business, but it gives you an area to showcase your products, and hey! Moneyisalways sexy!

6. The naked emperor

Content is king. Bare, True, and undressed content is the Emperor. Old fashioned simplicity and truthfulness will reign – whether in content creation, marketing or Sales. Don’t’ be afraid to show your human, vulnerable side in your content. Who like corporates, anyway?

These are our crystal ball’s predictions for 2015. We’ll revisit this list again in 12 months, and see ones ended as fads, and what rose up like the ultimate truth. What say?

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