WordPress 5.5- From The Point view of A Web Development Company in Mississauga

WordPress 5.5 is released now, and this is one of the major releases in 2020

With over 450 improvements, bug fixes, and long-awaited debut features, WordPress 5.5 came in the market just a few days ago. In this article,our Web Development Company in Mississauga will share the new features of WordPress 5.5 and which features you must try after updating your website.

Lazy Loading for Images

Postpones the download of images and videos which are not needed

Perhaps this is the most exciting change so far in WordPress. WordPress 5.5 will now only load the images which are visible to the user on-screen and delay loading other images. What makes the feature great is that it sets itself and your site faster. Thus, you don’t have to do anything.

Lazy loads are a built-in feature for all the websites by adding the “loading” attribute to the IMG tag. And except Safari, all the modern web browsers will support this attribute.

Fast Loading webpages are essential to generate more revenue ad sales, and this feature is all about improving the Website speed and performance significantly. This feature will enhance the pace while saving a lot of bandwidth, server resources and of course, electricity.

Auto Update your WordPress theme and Plugins

Keeps the site hacker free and prevents hijacking of site

WordPress 5.5 takes a big jump on the way to website security by introducing the feature that will automatically update all themes and plugins. You can simply go to the plugin page and enable auto-update for any or all the plugins installed on your site.

This vital feature can prevent hacking attacks as hackers can easily hijack a site with outdated themes and plugins

Auto Update is a useful feature for your WordPress Website if it doesn’t use many plugins or doesn’t change very much.

This functionality is already available in WordPress but is turned off by default. You need to go to APPEARANCE >> THEME and click on a theme to select the feature. In the theme overview pop up, you will get the option to enable this feature.

The XML Sitemap in WordPress

Helps a Google to locate and understand a web page to rank n search results

Site Maps are essential for your website. A Website map helps search engines discover and index your content and contributes new web pages to rank.

WordPress 5.5 now has the feature to publish XML sitemaps automatically for your website. Users will not need a third-party plugin to generate sitemaps, as WordPress will introduce built-in site maps.


There are more useful and essential updates introduced in WordPress 5.5, which will make your website perform faster and help WordPress publishers to achieve better results.Contact Isigma Solutions, a Web Development Company in Mississauga at 1-877-974-4744, to know more about the updates.