Johnston Thomas

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Business Background

Johnston Thomas is a team of experienced law professionals. The law firm’s clientele includes both individuals and corporations. Johnston Thomas is committed to helping its clients get their legal houses in order. Every legal professional on the Johnston Thomas team has decades of hands-on experience creating customized legal solutions for their clients. An unwavering commitment to excellence, transparency and unparalleled expertise has enabled Johnston
Thomas to maintain a competitive advantage.

Market Competition

Some competitors of the client are-Law Offices of Marc Francis, Fiumara Milligan Law, P.C.,
Criminal Lawyers and Perry Johnson Anderson Miller & Moskowitz LLP.



goal illustration


Our SEO team optimized the client’s link building strategy. We created an effective keyword strategy aimed at increasing the visibility of social media and website content. Our content team wrote compelling and thought-provoking content aimed at helping increase brand awareness and customers make informed decisions. In addition to updating the website design, the design team created banners to bring the brand message into focus.

Time Frame

Project Goal

The client wanted to speed up their website. They wanted us to declutter the website by getting rid of distracting and unwanted design elements. They were looking for ways to improve the website’s user experience.


There was a remarkable improvement in the website’s Google rankings. We were successful in driving high-quality traffic to the client’s website. We drove the brand’s message home, helping the client connect with their target audience on an emotional level.


The client saw a steady increase in qualified traffic. Their social media presence grew significantly. The website ranked higher in the search result.

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