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Online visibility matters. Every business needs a strong online presence. To reach your target audience, build a website. A professional website can provide a competitive edge, making your business stand out.

Benefits of a Professional Website Design

Many consumers check a business’s website before buying from them or availing their services. Your website is your company’s face on the internet. A professional website will help build credibility and trust, win over existing customers and turn prospects into customers.


24/7 Presence

Having a professional website means your customers can find you anytime and from anywhere. A website blurs the boundaries of geography and location. When you have a professional website, your customers do not have to physically visit your store in order to buy from you.

Even when you sleep and are not working, your website works. A website provides information that users need, whenever they need. It allows them to access the information they need from the comfort of their homes.


Generates and Delivers Insights

Data is the new gold. When used correctly, data can fuel powerful consumer insights. You can use your website to collect important user information such as how your visitors reach your website, what they do once they arrive, the amount of time they spend on it, when they visit your website and how many prospects buy from you after arriving on your website.

Websites generate a ton of data that can help website owners understand how social media channels affect their brands. Websites facilitate data-driven decision making. Website owners can use visitor data to determine how their target audience behaves and tweak their strategies accordingly.


Promote Businesses Efficiently

Traditional marketing methods are riddled with flaws. Not only are traditional marketing methods pricier, they are ineffective. Print materials such as flyers, print ads and posters often end up in trash cans. With traditional marketing methods, you cannot track the success of your efforts.

A professional website is one of the most cost-effective tools to market your business. Your website can put your brand in front of more people than traditional marketing methods. You can track the performance of your website, compare projected results with actual results and take corrective action when necessary.


Help Build Trust and Reputation

A professional website is no longer a matter of choice-it is a necessity. When deciding whether a business is trustworthy, one of the first things many consumers do is visit its website.Many consumers will buy only from businesses with professional websites.

A professional website can help you win over your target audience. It can make your brand stand out from the digital crowd.

bridge brands

Bridge the gap Between Brands and Their Target Audiences

A professional website can facilitate two-way communication between you and your audience. Your target audience can use information provided on the website to contact you. They can leave their comments or feedback on your site to let you know what they think about your business, the things they appreciate about you and draw your attention to urgent matters.

You can use contact info provided by your visitors through contact forms to reach out to them. Two-way communication prevents confusions and misunderstanding. It allows your audience to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions.

When you know what your target audience thinks about your brand, you can take actions to improve your audience’s perception of it.


Why you Should Outsource Website Development to a Digital Marketing Agency

Website development in Mississauga is best left to experts. It requires a multifaceted approach. If you build your website yourself, you can make a mistake and take the wrong path. All your hard work and money will go down the drain, and you will have to go back to the drawing table.

Instead of trying to do everything yourself, hire a web development agency in Toronto. Reputable web development companies in Toronto, Canada employ subject matter experts with a proven track record of success. They have the experience and knowledge required to manage complex projects from start to finish.

Web development professionals plan projects down to the last detail. Before starting a project, they do an in-depth website analysis. The main aim of an in-depth website analysis is to identify challenges and come up with plans to overcome them.

You cannot build your website and forget it. Businesses should consider website monitoring a necessity. Web development companies in Mississauga realize the importance of website monitoring. They use a range of tools to track results. If the actual result differs from the expected result, they take corrective action.

The iSigma Solutions Edge

iSigma Solutions is a renowned website development company in Toronto. We offer top notch web development services in Toronto. We are committed to helping businesses grow. Our expertise developing customized solutions for our clients gives us a competitive edge.

The SEO landscape is changing constantly and rapidly. Tools and methodologies that are considered effective today may go out of favor tomorrow. Our pros keep up with emerging trends. They never stop learning. Though all our pros are subject matter experts, they consider themselves students, and never let an opportunity to add skills to their repertoire pass them by.

Our Team

A business is only as good as its people. We hire thorough professionals driven by curiosity and a desire to grow. Our pros know the ins and outs of the website development process. They have years of experience managing website development projects.

Our pros use time tested methods and advanced tools. They have an eye for detail. Our website development pros know what can go wrong during a website development project. They take all necessary precautions to avoid errors.

Though we account for contingencies, unexpected problems can pop up during a development project. If your project hits a roadblock, our team will know what to do to bring it back on track.

Our Process

We follow a meticulous website development process developed by industry experts. We account for all potential contingencies that we expect to encounter during different phases of web development.

Information Gathering, Goal Setting and Defining the Target Audience

During the initial consultation sessions, our team asks clients various questions about their businesses, where they are and where they want to be and what they expect to achieve. The main aim of these sessions is to better understand clients’ visions, their pain points and expectations.

After we acquire an in-depth understanding of our clients’ visions, we set goals. The primary goal of a website development project (those projects that involve tweaking a website) is to improve its design. Web design can be improved by simplifying navigation, improving page loading speed and making it more responsive.

At this point, we define the target audience. We create customer personas to understand their habits, behaviors and interests. We conduct an in-depth technical website audit to identify the design elements that are dragging the website down.

The next step involves identifying the client’s competitors and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. We try to understand what they’re doing right.

Sitemap and Wireframe Creation

In this stage, we create a sitemap that allows the client to visualize their website. We use the information collected in the first stage to create the sitemap. A sitemap shows the relationship between the different pages of the website, so the client can determine how easy it will be for a user to find the information they’re looking for.

If a client wants us to obtain approval before the team starts to code or work on the design, we create a wireframe or mock-up (a visual representation of the user interface we are working on). A wireframe does not explain how design elements such as colors and logos will be used.

Website Design

Next, we design all the visual content such as images and videos. The design team creates a layout that represents the information structure. The layout is sent to the client for approval. If the client is not satisfied, they send us feedback and suggestions. We redesign the layout and share the revamped design with the client. The cycle is repeated until the client is satisfied.

Content Creation

At this stage, we create call-to-action, catchy headlines and new text. We also compile the existing text. Our content creation team writes effective, thought-provoking content that addresses the target audience’s pain points.


Graphic elements designed during the previous stages are used to create an actual website. Usually the home page is created first and then sub-pages are added. We test all static web page elements and add special features.

Testing, Review and Launch

We test every link to see if it is broken. The code is checked to ensure that it conforms to coding standards. Every form and script is checked, Finally, we upload the website to a server using an FTP server. After deployment, we run yet another test to ensure all the files have been installed correctly.

Honest Pricing

We have zero hidden costs. Our quotes include the breakup of every cost element. You can rest assured you will be charged for only the services you avail. We welcome suggestions and queries. If you have any questions about your quote or do not understand a particular cost element, hep is just a phone call away.

Comprehensive Support

Even the best website can crash. Downtime hurts a business. We are committed to helping businesses keep downtime to a minimum. If your website has developed a snag, reach out to our support team. Our knowledgeable support staff will come up with a solution to your problem in the minimum possible time.

Website Development FAQs

  • Information gathering: Information about the business , their competitors and their target audience is collected. Project milestones and goals are set
  • Planning: In this stage, the sitemap and wireframe are created. The client decides what features and functions they want
  • Designing: The web design should be created with the target audience in mind. The design layout should structure the page in a systematic manner. Important decisions regarding the placement of text, images and videos are taken
  • Development: The development team runs codes on the website to make it function smoothly. An actual web design is created. More often than not the landing page is created first and then the other web pages are added
  • Content creation: Website content should be unique, appealing and engaging. Effective headings, subheadings and tags boost the value of content and make it easier for users to find the info they're looking for
  • Testing: Pages and links are tested to see if they're broken. Every form and script is checked, The site's website speed is checked and cross browser compatibility is performed

The ideal website

  • Is optimized for mobile devices
  • Is accessible to all users including differently abled people
  • Boasts a well planned information architecture
  • Loads in 1-2 seconds
  • Has a clean code
  • Can accurately handle errors at the code level
  • Has an intuitive navigation
How long it takes to build your website will depend on what you need. It takes 14 weeks to build the typical website. If you have unique needs, your project can take longer.
We have more than two decades of experience designing customized websites to meet the specific needs of our clients.

If you have an archaic site, we will tweak design elements, get rid of the unnecessary ones and introduce fresh elements to make your website more user friendly.

Mobile internet usage has been growing steadily. Mobile devices generate more than half of web traffic worldwide. If you do not have a mobile responsive site, you are missing out on business opportunities.

A mobile responsive site will allow users to access your site on mobile devices, lower bounce rate and improve your SEO and increase conversion rate.

Follow these tips to make your website mobile responsive

  • Compress images and large files
  • Get rid of Flash
  • Eliminate annoying and intrusive pop ups
  • Use a mobile-responsive theme
  • Pick the right font size to ensure that your typography is responsive

WordPress is the world's most popular CMS. It powers around 34 percent of all websites on the internet.

There are several reasons why businesses around the world choose WordPress over other content management systems. WordPress is easy to use. It comes with a wide variety of themes. WordPress plugins allow you to extend and expand the functionality of your website. WordPress features make updating content a breeze.

Yes. If your website design is making it difficult for you and/or your website visitors to complete tasks on your website or your website conversion is low, we will optimize your website for SEO. We will analyze your website data, conduct thorough keyword research, write engaging content, obtain quality backlinks and optimize your website for mobile and on-page and off-page SEO

How much a new or revamped website will cost you will primarily depend on the number and type of functionalities and features you want to add.

Yes, we can. When migrating websites, we take various precautions to ensure search engine visibility isn't lost during the migration process.

There are several compelling reasons to hire a professional for website development in Mississauga. Website development experts can foresee challenges and come up with solutions to potential problems. They use time tested methods and specialized tools.

A professional has the experience and knowhow required to manage projects from start to finish. A website development professional will ensure your website is mobile friendly, ADA compliance, is easy to navigate and reliable.

iSigma Solutions has been helping businesses bring growth plans to fruition for more than two decades. Whether you want to build a new website from scratch or revamp an existing one, we can help. To enquire about our service packages, call our office.