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Voice search, also known as voice-enabled, is a speech recognition technology. It allows the user to use voice commands to search an app, the internet or a website. So when you use Google voice search, you need to use verbal commands to carry out a search instead of typing a search term.

There are several benefits of voice search. It enables users to execute searches swiftly, and effortlessly. As a result user experience improves in leaps and bounds. Besides, speaking is more convenient than writing. No wonder an increasing number of people are using voice to conduct searches.

Voice search is not a passing fad. Its popularity will continue to rise in the future. Voice search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the web pages of a website to appear in voice searches. When you optimize a page for voice search, you optimize for the way people perform voice searches.

Businesses should make voice search optimization a priority. If your website isn’t optimized for voice search, you will fail to cater for the needs of a large chunk of internet users and may miss out on business opportunities.

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Key Differences Between Voice Search and Traditional Search

key differences

In addition to how they are performed, there are several differences between voice search and traditional search. Voice search mainly focuses on local listings. People use voice search to a)- search a particular place or business (can include a hotel to stay or a restaurant) and b)-info about time and things.

Because the majority of voice searches are for local businesses and information related to them, search phrases usually contain near me. Voice search keywords are longer than traditional searches and also more conversational.

When most people perform a text search, they use a few keywords instead of asking the whole question. When performing a voice search, on the other hand, the user must ask the entire question.

For example, when most people use their desktop or laptop to perform a traditional search-say how to make a pudding cake, they might use a few keywords such as pudding cake recipe. When performing a voice search on their mobile, on the other hand, they might ask, how do I make a pudding cake at home?

Because voice searches are in a conversational or natural tone, voice search keywords are usually longer than those used in traditional searches.

Voice search results are more direct than traditional search results. Whenever a voice search is performed, direct answers are read back to the user to provide instant results.

Why Optimize for Voice Search?

Voice search is used to perform focused searches. It is incredibly easy to use-the user just needs to ask a question and their voice assistant performs the search in order to provide the answer to the question.

Voice search eliminates the need to input a search phrase/question, saving users’ time. It’s easier to multitask with voice search. When a user performs a voice search, they do not need to maintain any physical contact with their compatible device and can get answers to their questions efficiently and quickly.

Optimizing for voice search will improve your website’s user experience. The modern consumer craves convenience. If your website is optimized for voice search, many users may choose you over your competition.

Once a luxury, voice search optimization for websites is now considered a necessity. Voice searches are more natural than text searches. Voice search can reduce bounce rate, help retain customers and convert prospects into buyers.

Why Voice Search

Given the fact that most voice searches are done for local listings, a website optimized for voice search can boost your local traffic. People perform voice search when buying or considering a product. If your website is optimized for voice search and it appears in voice search results, it will bring you lucrative sales opportunities.

Why Choose iSigma Solutions to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search?

iSigma Solutions is a renowned voice search optimization company in Toronto. We are a team of go-getters. We take the guesswork out of optimizing a website for voice search.

iSigma Solutions offers a range of voice search SEO services. No matter your industry and the size of your business, we will come up with a customized voice optimization strategy to fit your specific needs.

We are committed to helping businesses capitalize early on emerging voice optimization trends. Our pros know everything there is to know about voice search-how it works and the different ways in which it is used.

They have the skills and expertise required to manage Google voice search optimization projects from start to finish. Unique problems require unique solutions. Our pros are able to think outside the box and look at a problem from different perspectives.

Before optimizing your site, you must make the effort to understand your target audience. We use tried and tested methods and advanced tools to gather data that provide profound insights into consumer behavior.

Voice search optimization in Toronto is not as straightforward as many people think. There are several factors at play.

Before starting a project, we interview the client. The aim of the initial sessions is to understand what the client expects to achieve by optimizing their site for voice search and the business environment-both internal and external.

We research the client’s competition to acquire an in-depth understanding of their strategy, strengths and weaknesses. After we have answers to all our questions, we start building an action plan.

If a client has a strategy, we evaluate it. We identify loopholes and come up with a plan to plug them. We check if the strategic plan is on track and come up with a plan to continuously monitor results.

Keywords are at the heart of voice search optimization. We come up with effective keyword research strategies. We target long-tail keywords and question keywords. To make queries more conversational and natural, we include filler words such as for, the, to, I on the and the in them.

We use advanced keyword research tools. Because Google usually displays rich answers to questions, we optimize for rich answers (a rich answer is a search result that contains a featured snippet, knowledge graph, knowledge box or knowledge panel).

Voice search is more conversational than traditional search. When optimizing SEO for voice search, we rejig our clients’ content strategy to make it more effective. We come up with a plan to incorporate voice search into content strategy.

Our team uses succinct questions and answers to make content more voice search friendly.

FAQs are short and also include question keywords. These are prerequisites for voice search ranking.

FAQ-style format makes it easier for Google and other search engines to pull content from a website and display it as a rich snippet. Our content creators insert FAQs into content and product pages. We use pointers to break content into small fragments, making it easier for users to assimilate information.

Voice search queries should be conversational. Our content creators create content for humans, not search engines. Before creating content, we understand the searcher’s intent. We study and anticipate the query style that users use when performing voice search.

We use data-driven insights to better understand what people expect when they perform a voice search. Preparing content for every voice search term is not possible.

Our wordsmiths include as many voice search terms as possible (naturally) in posts to get the attention of Google. We create long-form content including long-tail keywords.

Website loading speed is an essential factor for voice search. It can affect your website’s conversion rate and bounce rate.

Before starting a project, our SEO team performs a website audit to identify the design elements that are affecting website speed. We get rid of these elements to speed up the website.

Given the fact that the number of mobile internet users is increasing with each passing year, every business needs a mobile optimized website. Optimizing your website for mobile will improve its user experience and increase user engagement.

We have years of experience building mobile responsive websites. Our content team creates mobile optimized content. Our SEO team runs mobile-friendly tests for websites and optimizes accordingly.

We make sure websites are crawlable. The more crawlable a website, the easier it is to index. When your site’s indexing improves, you see an improvement in its SERP ranking. We target local keywords and leverage Google My Business listings to improve our clients’ ranking in local search.

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