WordPress Development

Every business needs a professional website. A well designed website is the key to a strong online presence. It helps increase organic reach, builds brand awareness and improves SEO rankings.

One of the first things many buyers check when deciding whether to buy from a business is its website. A professional website builds credibility and trust and can influence consumer buying decisions.

You can use your website as an information resource; a place where you can post updates about your company and employees to keep your audience engaged or as a platform to share your story and journey.

A website creates new selling opportunities via mail-order and e-commerce. It generates a plethora of data that can be used to gain crucial insights and take critical business decisions.

WordPress is the most popular website development platform. WordPress website development has gained immense popularity since the release of the platform in 2003. There are currently more than 450 million websites that use WordPress.


Why Use WordPress?

WordPress was launched as a blogging tool, but evolved into a powerful website builder.It is very easy to use. An easy to navigate, point-and-click interface is designed to ensure that anyone with decent computer skills can use it, but at the same time, it has advanced tools and features that expert users can tweak, customize and edit.

WordPress is a robust tool that can be used to create and manage blogs, websites-personal as well as business and ecommerce stores. WordPress is run online meaning you don’t need to download any software to use it.

It is Open Source

There are two versions of WordPress-WordPress.org and WordPress.com (businesses usually use WordPress.org as the version allows them to better control their site and leverage advanced plugins). Both these versions are completely free for anyone to download and use.

WordPress has a large community of developers, programmers and beta testers. If you encounter a problem, you can just drop a message and help will pour in. You can even find themes and plugins for free, but the paid ones have more advanced features (you even get round the clock support).

Though WordPress is open source, you may end up paying for additional services such as web design services and hosting services. Be sure to consider these costs when creating your WordPress website development budget in Mississauga.


You do not want to take any chances when it comes to managing your website. WordPress controls around 60 percent of the global CMS market. When it comes to market share, no player in the industry comes even close to WordPress. The second biggest player in the CMS industry. Joomla controls just around five percent of the global CMS market.

WordPress powers almost one-third of websites globally. Some of the biggest names (such as CNN, TechCrunch, UPS and TED) in their respective industries use WordPress.

If WordPress wasn’t reliable, businesses wouldn’t have placed their trust in the platform. Over the years, WordPress has scaled its capabilities. Currently around 70million posts are published on the platform every month. WordPress posts generate 70million+ comments every month.

It is Secure

A website development platform with lax security is a business owner’s worst nightmare. If you choose a platform that does not take security seriously, a cybercriminal can exploit the chinks in your provider’s armor to execute a cyberattack.

WordPress makes security a priority. WordPress themes and plugins are updated regularly. WordPress periodically releases security patches to fix security vulnerabilities.

No CMS or website is 100 percent sure. Security threats are constantly evolving. Though WordPress is secure you cannot let your guard down. Follow cybersecurity practices to reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

Simplifies Content Creation

Starting a new WordPress site is easy as 1,2,3. You can set up everything with just a few clicks. Once your site goes live, you can navigate to the posts section of your dashboard and start writing and publishing new posts. Here you’ll find formatting tools, text editors and learn new ways to upload media files.

The content creation process on WordPress is fairly Straightforward. Once your posts are published, you don’t have to jump through hoops to edit them. All you need to do is search the post you want to edit. Once you have found the post you want to make changes to, edit it using the visual editor.

After you have made the desired changes, click Save and the new version will be live straightaway.

iSigma Solutions: A cut Above the Rest

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Choosing a WordPress web design agency in Grimsby is a major decision. You need a reliable provider that has the capabilities and resources required to customize service packages to fit their clients’ unique needs.

No matter how complex your needs, iSigma Solutions has got you covered. We are a leading wordpress web agency in Mississauga. Our team consists of seasoned web development professionals. They have proved their mettle by successfully managing multiple high-stake WordPress website development projects.

We follow WordPress web development best practices. Our expertise allows us to come up with novel ways to utilize white space. We prioritize responsive design. A responsive design ensures that the website is compatible with every platform, orientation and device.

Our pros keep up with the trends. They use insights gained from different sources to create innovative solutions that address clients’ pain points. We take a holistic approach to WordPress web development in Grimsby Mississauga. Our pros are able to see the big picture and align strategies to business goals.

We are not your average WordPress web design company in Grimsby. Our pros have the knowhow and experience required to ensure successful project completion. We are your go to team for custom WordPress development in Mississauga. We know how to use different WordPress tools to customize a website to be as unique and individual as the website owner.

We are one of the most trusted WordPress development agencies in Toronto. Our clientele includes businesses from almost all major industries. We use our knowhow and expertise to build robust, scalable and flexible solutions.

We make security a priority. We take various measures to avoid cyberattack vectors.


Here are some common WordPress development mistakes to avoid

  • Not backing up WordPress
  • Using too many plugins
  • Not updating plugins and WordPress core
  • Using an unresponsive theme
  • Deleting WordPress database without backing up content

Follow these WordPress security tips to keep cybercriminals at bay

  • Periodically update WordPress (themes and plugins)
  • Install a firewall
  • Use strong passwords (Avoid obvious passwords that can be guessed easily)
  • Periodically backup your site
  • Limit login attempts
  • Choose a reliable web hosting service
  • Install SSL certificate
  • Rename your WP-login URL

Some questions to ask a WordPress design and development agency in Toronto are

  • Can you take me through the different stages of website development?
  • What is the duration of every stage?
  • Can you provide references?
  • Can you provide a breakup of costs?
  • Can you create a project timeline?

WordPress has thousands of plugins. Though some themes are free for anyone to use, you must seriously consider getting premium WordPress plugins due to the following reasons

  • Some premium plugins are built for specific purposes
  • Paid plugins have advanced features
  • 24/7 dedicated support available
  • Premium plugins are updated at regular intervals
  • They add functionalities to your site

Premium plugins aren't sold on WordPress's official website. If you need a premium plugin, you need to go to a website that sells them.

No. There are several free plugins that are as good as their premium alternatives. Buy premium plugins only when you need them.

Once you purchase a plugin, you can continue to use it for as long as you desire. You must renew your license to continue receiving updates. If you have an annual license (needs to be renewed every year) and you do not renew it after a year, you can still keep using the plugin but you won't get updates and support.

Steps to develop a WordPress theme

  • Set up a local development environment
  • Download and install your starter theme
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of how WordPress works behind the scenes
  • Configure your theme
  • Export the theme and upload it to your WordPress site